Gary Kuehn


For District 9 School Board        

Coach Kuehn For District 9 School Board


In Strong Support Of:

-Early Childhood Literacy Improvement

-More opportunities for Vocational Education and Future Ready Institutes

- Renovating and increasing schools and facilities in District 9

-Increased Parental Involvement

-Retaining and Supporting Educators                                                                                                                  

What Gary is doing now

Even though Gary Kuehn is out of education, he is still invested with Hamilton County Schools to provide the best education for his grand children.

A Few Goals And Focus Points

  1. To SERVE the D9 community and put the interests and education of students first

  2. To work with the other school board members and communities of Hamilton County to continue the positive momentum and improvement in academics especially in reading and math

  3. To help create a career and occupational pathway that will reach our elementary students, not just our secondary students

  4. “The first and Foremost is the recovery of learning lost during the pandemic” Gary Kuehn Added In District 9s Public Forum

Vote Gary Kuehn For District  9

May 3rd Primary

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